My name is Meghan and I am on a quest.

This is quite out of character, I assure you. Usually, I’m more of the ‘armchair quest’ type of protagonist, but I can’t help it, things are insane out there and frankly, it’s disturbing my ‘reading with quiet cup of tea’ time. As a result, I’ve found myself entirely consumed by the quest to build a better life. One that is saner, safer and better for the soul, (the creative soul especially), the planet and the pocketbook.

Perhaps wrongly, I’ve decided to tell you all about it. (Time will tell.)

Since I’m putting all this work into transforming my own life, it makes sense to help you make your life better too – by sharing with you the inspiration and tools you need, gathered from my own (and others) research and experience.

So what exactly does that better life look like?

My vision is this: a low footprint life spent creating rather than consuming; buying our freedom instead of more stuff; re-connecting with nature; exploring beyond sustainability to regeneration; crafting a life that is abundant, resilient, rich and beautiful – in all the ways that truly matter.

When I say rich, I don’t mean financial wealth (although that might come in handy) but I would much rather be rich in meaningful relationships with family and friends, strong community ties, healthy food, creative inspiration, a really BIG garden (we all have vices), access to unspoilt nature and importantly, the freedom of my time.

Sounds good, right?

Random stuff about me:

Because people seem to want to know these things, here are some random facts about me:

  • I am Canadian, (eh) west-coast born and raised but I also spent nearly a decade in Australia (Melbourne, Brisbane, & small-town Tasmania) as well as a short stint in Dublin, Ireland.
  • I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from the University of British Columbia (bassoon, if you’re wondering, although I play many other instruments as well).
  • Writing keeps me sane. Things go pear-shaped if I stop.
  • Same deal for drawing and painting.
  • I sometimes moonlight as a museum curator, and currently work as a researcher of heritage buildings in my community.
  • I’m the proud, independent mama of the best boy in the world. (I concede I may be biased on that last point…)
  • I’m an obsessive gardener and all-around plant geek with a seed collection that is vastly optimistic given the actual land space I have access to.
  • My idea of heaven isn’t complete unless there’s a hot cup of tea and a really good novel in it somewhere…
  • I am a Transition Town advocate and an optimistic environmentalist (yes, we do exist – although my personal brand of optimism does come with a healthy dose of black humour) who prefers positive action over assigning blame or attending protest rallies. Let’s just stop arguing and get on with fixing it, yes?!

"We are called to be the architects of the future, not its victims." ~Buckminster Fuller

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