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When I connect with other creative artists and writers, I’m always curious to hear about what they are currently reading, listening to or feeling inspired by, and so I decided to create for you The Inspiration Gallery, which currently contains the Art Gallery, featuring exciting work by independent artists, and the Studio Bookshop which features a curated collection of my most-loved books for your creative browsing pleasure. Please check back regularly, as I will regularly rotate the content and add resources for your continued inspiration.

Art Gallery

Featuring the work of Society 6 artists

The Art Gallery features a curated collection of artists and artwork that I am in love with at the moment. Inspired by the graphite tones I’ve been working with for a personal drawing challenge, I have compiled the

Black & White Inspiration Collection

Check it out!

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**All of the artwork showcased is created by independent artists and is available for purchase (if you are so moved) through the Society 6 site. As curator of the collection, I receive a small percentage of the base re-production price only, so that these independent artists are able to determine their own profit margins – support an independent artist today!**      

The Studio Bookshop

Full Confession:

I am a voracious reader. My bedside table is routinely buried under a giant stack of whatever I happen to be reading. And when I find particularly special works of awesomeness, I feel compelled to share them with others. I only recommend books I have personally read and adore.

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